Orders of stainless steel products of different sizes determine the choice of transportation. For a small quality and small products, usual means of transportation are enough. In a case where you are not available to collect the order yourself, we can deliver it to your provided address. This way we will save you time, and guarantee a safe transportation of your products.

Cutting the products

Depending on the project, you can order products of standard measurements. Upon your request, based on your blueprints and requirements, we will cut the pieces (strips, tubes, angle bars and others) of required sizes. The quick and precise execution of an order is a solid step towards the success of your project.

Cutting with an abrasive water jet

The quality characteristics of the entire product depend on the precise shape of the piece. An abrasive water jet is a reliable way to achieve faultless results of product cutting. This method is exceptionally quick, economical and ecological. When cutting with an abrasive water jet, the damage to the material is avoided and no characteristics are changed. Therefore this method is ideal when stainless steel products of precise measurements are required.

Fill in the request form so we can prepare the products of required measurements or help select suitable products for an affordable price.